“I’m a resigned in the bedroom so I try to be an tractable pet,” said Codi Vore. “I will do as this fellow says and give him what this chab wishes. In return, he respects me in our day-to-day life. That dude understands that my mindless devotion is for dream and play and that outside of sexual activity, I am a very independent woman.” Some of Codi’s dreams are like art-house clips and her vore fantasies tap into sci-fi and horror. This one’s something out of a dream. “I would go skinny-dipping in a big, saltwater aquarium. I can not think of everything more surreal.” Imagining Codi swimming nude underwater with dolphins, her golden-haired hair drifting and her big whoppers bobbing would definitely be Twilight Zone time. Will Codi have sex on the 1st date if there is chemistry? “If I like him and have a wonderful reason to trust him, I definitely would. As a kid I was said that fellows solely want one thing. But nearly each man I’ve had sex with fell in love with me afterwards. Sex is an important component to any relationship and you should find out sooner than later if you are compatible in the bedroom.”