What Sweethearts Indeed Want

A man can be effortless but a woman’s mind is a complex, charming thing, a maze of emotions, wishes and unrealized dreams. Today, just for a scarcely any hours, try to imagine that u can look into their thoughts to explore their most secret sexual dreams… secrets even they weren’t fully aware of. What would you do with such skill? Well, don’t just guess, give it a try!

A day with Mia Malkova

Smokin’ sexy all-American girl next door looks, amazingly supple and has a desirous sex drive. That’s Mia Malkova, your fresh girlfriend. And today, she desires u all to herself in the comfort of your home. Let her prove to u why that babe deserves to be your girlfriend while u prove to her you’ve got what it takes to satisfy her insatiable hunger for sex. You’ll have a lot of time to treat her right during the time that u have breakfast jointly, shower, watch her exercise and, certainly, admire her ideal bubble arse. Willing? She’s awaiting for u!

Involuntary Courier

Even the tiniest incident can induce a series of events that may put your life on a entire new course. When a red piece of drape means the difference between a law-abiding citizen and a gangster than truly everything could happen. Treachery, violence and primal, smutty sex are all part of the deal and u must do your most fantastic to avoid being caught in the middle.

A Chap To Fight For

What a privileged position u have here by having two pretty ladies to fight over u… your ex and current girlfriend. But privileges stop there because sooner or later they will make u to select betwixt ’em. So what wil it be? A comfortable life, regular sex and some boredom or wild, reckless love that may disappear anytime. Which one would u select?

Your StepSister’s Initiation

U cant hide any dirty details from Doris, so be specific about your sexy roommate, Sofia. After your story, your step-sister will definitely be amazed… and lustful.

Your Very Own Webcam Enterprise

Your latest business got bankrupted and u are totally broke… but then your cute girlfriend comes up with an idea: let’s launch a web camera enterprise! First you 2 will perform sex shows but if your biz runs smoothly u can in a short time hire greater quantity hot people to work for you. How about your girlfriend’s bestie, Daphne? Or a hawt anal lover couple? Or the cam star, Tiffany? Manage your very own livecam enterprise smartly and you’ll have ’em all!

West Wing Affairs

It is a difficult job to be the President of a country. Without an able staff to assist him out, it’s nearly impossible. As the President’s personal assistant, u have a lot of tasks at hand – digging out foul, convincing the opposition, handling the trainees, organizing programs are all part of the job. A job that promises a bright future… or a grim downfall.

A Day with August Ames

The stunningly marvelous, hot August Ames is your loving girlfriend. She loves you greater amount than words could describe and she would do anything to please you. But what will U do to her and for her? How will you show her your affection? Can you keep her pleasured? Are you up for the task?

The High School Principal

A principal, a intimate teacher, a boyfriend and a human being… those are the roles u must juggle with, proving that you are similarly valuable in everything. And what is the challenge in that? Well, u have to show all of your faces on a single, busy day. Your student expects attention to tackle her exam successfully. Your girlfriends desires your large wang every morning. And your masseuse, the one who stood by your side in need, always willing to give u relief… today she craves you to return the favour. But how will you please ’em all? Are u guy sufficiently for the challenge?

Adventures Of a Porn Stud

Welcome to the Discover Your Dream Career workshop! Now u receive the opportunity to try out several professions that might meet your interests, and make a decision which would costume you the best. Consider your almost all fine skills which can aid you select your true passion, your real profession! And final but not least all the ladies will gladly assist you during your search.

The Golden Man’s Golden Days

You were – who are we kidding, you still are – the majority iconic actor of your generation. There isn’t a person on this planet, who doesn’t know every single one of your episodes by heart and with admirable reason. There hasn’t been a greater amount successful celebrity born in the last 15 years, if there is an award for it, you have won it. Twice. But all that hard work receives tiresome after so many years on top and even the biggest of stars need a well deserved retirement to spend their hard earned millions.

The Private Investigator

Being a private detective can be an thrilling job from time to time, but this one case tops them all. It starts as a regular job – with a rich, juvenile wife and her cheating spouse. But when a rival P.I. shows up who is really a hawt woman, things receive way more messy. The question remains: Who cheating whom?

Calendar Bunny

A new year means a new Easter calendar. This commission is a routine job for a skilled photographer like you and it pays quite handsomely. This year, however, is somehow different than the previous ones, ‘coz your current model has an irresistible raunchy charm. Trying to pick her up may not be the almost all professional thing to do, but how could a stud resist the temptation and the opportunity?

A day with Morgan and Rahyndee

Your cute and hawt girlfriend, Morgan works hard day and night to receive a promotion at work. As a supporting boyfriend you’d give her everything she needs: whether it’s a helping hand with her morning shower, or your large dick to satisfy her hunger for sex. Morgan’s bestie, Rahyndee is likewise insane to aid her anytime… or to entertain u whilst Morgan’s away… When Morgan gets promoted for her work, u receive a chance to celebrate the way that babe likes to: with a nasty 3some with Rahyndee.


Franco is here on his 1st visit to the US from Europe, and he’s looking for a hot white gazoo to fuck! Bridgette not only has the requested hot white wazoo, she can’t live without nothing better than to have it plundered by a huge dark rod! Franco brings his usual aggresive style to this collision so there’s plenty of facefucking, asseating, and ass-2-mouth, not to mention some dead serious arsehole plungering! The scene begins out with Bridgette stripping without her bikini, and showing off her wares to Franco who keeps asking to watch her wet a-hole. Finally that dude goes berserk, and grabs her, and starts devouring her darksome hole like a starving beast with a new kill.There’s some serious asseating from Franco here, who’s obviously addicted to shoving his tongue up such a valuable delicacy! From there it’s savage facefucking with plenty of gagging, hard cookie fucking, and when that man cuts loose on that glorious tush it’s balls unfathomable and ass-2-mouth as that babe acquires the buttfucking of her life! He finishes by serving up a whopping portion of that spicy European semen on her extended tongue! This scene’s a real blazer!

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